The King of the Glacier

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Hidden on a small peninsula in the majestic Los Glaciares National Park, the beautiful Rio Caterina makes its way through the spectacular landscape.

An absolute diamond to the eye, its real treasure is the annual race of monstrously sized royal salmon that venture into its waters.

6.jpgOverview :

We are exceptionally fortunate to have access to the sacred headwaters of the mighty Caterina River, home to the world's only known run of king Atlantic salmon. 

Although a world-renowned sport fishing area, this particular salmon trail is off the beaten track and remains known to a privileged few.

 Because of their unparalleled strength and endurance, king salmon are widely regarded as the ultimate angler's dream. The river offers everything from deep glacial basins to fast, shallow streams. While catching fish in the 30-45 lb. range is very common, our guests also catch 60-70 lb. salmon on a regular basis. 

The largest king salmon landed by a guest during the 2018 season was measured and estimated at 90 pounds with another monster landed the same week estimated at 88 pounds! It is for the chance to catch a fish like this that people come from all over the world.

Fishing :

The 13 km long Rio Caterina flows from a high plateau lagoon called Lago Anita to Argentina's largest freshwater lake, Lago Argentino. 

From late December to mid-April, massive quantities of king salmon swim up the river. 

This fish race usually culminates from February to mid-March when the number and size of fish is quite spectacular.  No matter what size or colour of king you manage to tease with your fly, you'd better be prepared to fight, as these fish never go down without a fight.

Lodging :

Cristina is part of the Best of Patagonia (BOP) program and represents one of the most beautiful and authentic accommodation experiences in the region. 

This lodge offers luxury accommodation integrated into the Patagonian Glacier National Park. The rooms have a warm and rustic atmosphere characteristic of the history of the estancia and the simple decoration of the lodge complements its imposing natural environment. 

The cuisine is particularly exquisite - all dishes are prepared using traditional recipes, local flavours and products and are paired with some of the best wines in Argentina; vegetarian dishes are also available.

The spacious rooms offer our guests spectacular views and all rooms are equipped with a private bathroom.

Fishing Tips & Advice 

Fly fishing for king salmon is not simple and it is essential to bring the right equipment if you want to successfully land one of these monsters. 

We suggest bringing sturdy fly rods. In case you are not familiar with this style of fishing and wish to learn how to cast or perhaps improve your technique, all our guides are passionate instructors. 

Black, blue, fuchsia and red flies make a great contrast to the glacial blue water, and regular feeds of king salmon such as leeches will do the trick. We recommend that you bring different sizes of flies.

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